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Title: Changeless
Fandom: Inheritance Trilogy (by N K Jemisin)
Rating: PG
Genre: Vignette
Words: 223
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] 31_days theme '13 January 2013: Never again will I lose anyone I love.' Spoilers for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.
Summary: Itempas calls his children home.
Disclaimer: THe Inheritance Trilogy is copyright N K Jemisin and this derivative work is written without permission

After the Gods' War, Itempas called his surviving children away from the mortal realms, back home where they belonged -- all except those who stood with Nahadoth, of course. Perhaps they could talk some sense into him, so that he would come home too. Then, everything would be as it should be, neatly ordered.

Enefa's remaining toys -- which he'd spared out of love for Shahar, and Naha (and, though he wouldn't admit it, out of love for Enefa, even as he hated that she had tried to take Naha from him) -- could not hurt him or his family. Mortals were far too captivating and fragile to be permitted in a god's heart, even ignoring the possibility of demons, and demons' blood, and the death of other godlings (other gods, as he remembered the knife Shahar had given him, the loss of their son drowned in the madness of never wanting to be alone again). It was for their own good that the children and Naha be kept away. And, after Shahar, Itempas had no interest in trying again. Once Naha was back (and he would be), he would not need a mortal lover.

When Naha finally changed his mind -- and he would, he always did -- Itempas could finally complete their family, safe and together and immune from change. Forever.


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