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Title: Jam Session
Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Rating: G
Genre: Vignette
Words: 467
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] 31_days theme '17 January 2013: 17. "I'd always thought you were dangerous, but--" "I'm not as dangerous as you."' Toby/Tybalt. Set after Ashes of Honor.
Summary: Toby and Tybalt reflect on changes.
Disclaimer: The October Daye series copyright Seanan McGuire and this derivative work was created without permission.

Toby wasn't surprised when Raj offered to help Bridget and Chelsea move into Shadowed Hills: he and Quentin were often found together, and Toby had corralled Quentin into helping. She was more surprised when Tybalt was waiting, leaning against the moving van they'd rented -- having shown up when no one was looking, like a typical cat.

Toby greeted him with a kiss. "I thought you'd have duties to take care of in the Court?"

Tybalt shrugged. "The Court of Dreaming Cats doesn't need its king constantly hanging over everyone's shoulder. Sometimes the king's business carries him away for a moment." He looked around to the chaos on the front lawn as various faeries under glamours hauled out boxes and furniture. "Does she really think she needs all of this when she is bound to Duke Torquill's steward?"

Toby watched Danny carry at least three boxes, and hoped that they wouldn't fall over. "Thinks, probably not. Wants, yes. The Summerlands can be strange enough without a few familiar things." Bridget had insisted they leave most of the living and dining room untouched, as she noted that her university job meant that she might need to entertain guests, and they'd talked her into not touching the beds. But there were plenty of personal items that had to be boxed up for transport, and it wasn't as if Etienne could just open a door into Shadowed Hills so they could haul things through. It was going to be interesting to get all of this out on the other end, and Toby was suddenly glad Sylvester, as a pureblooded Daoine Sidhe, was good at illusions.

"Centuries ago, we would have just carried her off. Or left her," Tybalt said conversationally. "Even the Court of Cats has little place for a human."

Toby snorted. "A year ago, faerie would have done the same thing. It's still what people do with changelings who choose faerie, and their human parents." Which left an off taste in Toby's mouth: she remembered losing her father to her own Changeling's Choice, losing Gilly when she chose human (and, oak and ash, at least Gilly didn't have enough magic to force the issue). Unlike most first-generation changelings, Chelsea would keep her ties to the mortal world and her mortal parent, even as she learned about her Tuatha de Dannan father and his world. Unlike most changelings, Chelsea would have a place in Shadowed Hills, and some protection against the treatment changelings got elsewhere.

"Things do change," Tybalt said, looking at the scene, and the truck Danny had brought. Toby suspected he would be taking the Shadow Roads when they hit the road: pre-dating cars meant that Tybalt still wasn't comfortable in them. "People like you change them. You are a dangerous woman sometimes, October Daye."


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