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Title: Uncollared
Fandom: Dreamblood duology
Rating: G
Genre: Vignette
Words: 200
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] 31_days theme '21 January 2013: shake loose your garnet jewels.' Spoilers for the series.
Summary: Hanani on possessions
Disclaimer: The Dreamblood duology copyright N K Jemisin and this derivative work was created without permission.

Hanani remembered when, on her first trip to the desert, the agony she felt trading in her and Mni-inh's collars to Nefri with Charris. It and been good advice Hendet had given them: looking like a respectable Banbarra woman who could provide for herself had eased her into the tribe who wasn't sure how to treat the two Sharers. One aspect of peace was routine: Hanani as a foreign-born woman with a talent was far easier to accept than Hanani who dressed like a man and acted 'weak' as the Banbarra saw things. But back then, Hanani couldn't easily disentangle which parts of her were what she desired, what made her healthy and whole, and what parts had been accepted as protection among the Hetawa. Shedding any of it was like removing parts of her inner self, and giving up the possessions granted her by the Hetawa felt like giving up her position as Sharer, the one she'd fought for.

Now, she hands the ruby collar over easily. She earned it, and it is hers to do with as she liked. What makes her Hanani, trained as a Sharer but abiding apart from her brothers because family was complicated and painful, even family-of-choice, was not the symbols of her rank, but the strength of her heart and soul, and what she chose to represent that.


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