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Title: Lilies
Fandom: Newsflesh trilogy
Rating: PG
Genre: Vignette
Words: 200
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] 31_days theme '25 January 2013: emotions like too-pale flowers'. Spoilers for Feed
Summary: Shaun remembers the scent of the flowers.
Disclaimer: Newsflesh copyright Seanan McGuire and this derivative work was created without permission.

Shaun didn't remember much about Georgia's funeral. Mahir was there, and all the local bloggers that could come, and Rick and Senator Ryman and Doctors Wynne and Connelly. And the Masons, as much as Shaun wanted to tell them to go to Hell; his people were keeping him from making a scene. Shaun knew people would excuse a scene, but he didn't want to give the reporters (standing a legal distance away) the satisfaction. For once in their lives he wanted this moment to be about him, and George and their friends and not for public consumption.

He gave a eulogy, mostly because he didn't trust anyone (besides Mahir or Rick) to give one that talked about who George was, not just what she did. There were enough people talking about what a hero George was. Shaun would rather he had a live sister than a dead hero.

It didn't matter; he didn't remember what he said. What he did remember was the smell of the flowers people had sent, roses and lilies. To this day, he can't stand the floral scent of lilies, because they reminded him that he was still alive and George was ashes in the ground.


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