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Title: Debts Called Due
Fandom: Original Fiction
Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy
Words: 430
Notes/Warnings: Isidore is loosely based on a tabletop character, though that one was a detective. And about 12 years old. And living in a fairy-tale world. I haven't decided if this incarnation is in a bog-standard Hidden Magic Urban Fantasy or some other sort of city-based fantasy series. Or if I want to continue this.
Summary: A selkie walks into a lawyer's office.

If you need to retrieve a missing sealskin, you'd be better off with a private eye. Or the police. )
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Title: The Candied Light of Fall
Series: Original, season-born universe
Rating: PG13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Words: 1400
Notes/Warnings: Mention of heterosexual sex between middle aged people. Done for the theme 'Love is a fragile word' for [ profile] 31days_exchange for [ profile] tablyn24.

The world this takes place in has been floating around for a while: I was going to use a different story from it for NaNo. Why these two characters came up now, I got no idea. Annoyingly enough, the NaNo story is set nearly 40 years either before or after this story, so I don't know if I can use them as side characters.

Title and epigraph from the song "Snow Queen Dreams" by Seanan McGuire, available on the album Wicked Girls.
Summary: As the autumn winds down, a woman of winter and a man of summer make plans for the coming cold.

The caravans run, even as we move to our winter homes in the lowlands and those that tend children prepare for the season of having young voices in our camps. )
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Title: A Lifetime Between Breaths
Fandom: Original -- no specified universe
Rating: G
Genre: Superhero? Drama/Vignette
Words: 419
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] 31_days Nov. 2 'When the time comes there will be no time', and for the [community profile] origfic_bingo 'age'.
Summary: The tale of Alanna Winters and the defense of Australia from the Sirdank Invasion.

Chonomancers are a tight lot. )


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