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Title: Past and Future
Fandom: Dragaera
Rating: G
Genre: Vignette
Words: 300
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] 31_days theme '18. if at the end of everything, there is love.' Spoilers for Sethra Lavode. Khaavren/Daro, mentioned Ibronka/Piro & Aerich/Tazendra
Summary: On the importance of family, and being true to oneself.
Disclaimer: The Dragaera novels copyright Steven Brust and this derivative work was created without permission.

Some days after he returned from his pilgrimage to Deathsgate to bring his friends' bodies to the Paths of the Dead, Khaavren bade Piro to bring Ibronka to dinner with himself and Daro. Khaavren, having known the young lady from their travels, was uncharacteristically quiet. Instead he watched his wife make conversation with Ibronka, and noticed the way his son looked at her, in a way that made Khaavren nostalgic.

He noted that later -- after Piro and Ibronka had retired -- to Daro, who smiled.

"I do recall the rather smitten young man that you were," Daro said. "Who, as I recall, after inadvertently witnessing a confrontation I had with the Consort, managed to pledge his affection to me, while mistakenly believing I was a Lyorn."

Khaavren flushed. "I was young and impulsive in those days."

"But I do believe you would have carried on as Piro had, had I been in truth what you believed me to be," Daro answered.

Khaavren nodded. She was right: he would have. Aerich -- and he felt a pang thinking of his departed friend -- would have counseled against it, as he had tried to advise Piro. And a lady of House Lyorn could easily have been resistant to breaking convention. As Aerich had been. As Aerich had regretted with his dying breath. "Shards, I would have. But, I do not think I would have regretted it. To face adversity with one's beloved is preferable to banking one's heart's fire. I only regret I had not seen that earlier, or we could have had the pleasure of more evenings with Piro and Ibronka." And, perhaps instead of Aerich persuading him of the necessity of convention with regards to his son, he could have persuaded his friend of the necessity of change when it came to his love for their mutual friend.
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